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Manifestation through meditation

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(no subject) [Apr. 14th, 2015|05:24 am]
Manifestation through meditation


This is a somewhat random and imperfect thought but I think it's worth considering.

In my opinion, based on my experience and observation, the ability of thoughtforms to manifest correlates greatly - if not completely - to the subconscious.

My reasoning is that when I've ever attempted to effect anything from the standpoint of willful, i.e. conscious intent, the result is either failure or next to nothing. It's only when a thoughtform has been repeating itself on my mental back-burner, or I've deeply internalized it as part of a personal paradigm shift, or passively become self-convinced of it as a burgeoning reality...does it indeed manifest. Whether as non-physical or physical events. Usually to a BIG and disturbing degree. Sometimes in harmful ways.

In these cases the commonality is the subconscious. And this suggests many things. For one, some weight to the idea that 'reality' is just a mental projection, a feedback loop of subconscious images. Too, that qualities like irrational expectation, superstition and even fear are far stronger than will when it comes to mind influencing matter/non-matter. Also, that whoever succeeds in controlling his subconscious mind may gain access to powers on the level of a god.

Not that it's actually controllable.

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